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Phoenix Volant

Phoenix Volant is an Internet Presence Provider and Contract Software Engineering company.

Internet Access Providers (IAPs) focus on providing the basic connection, routing, and name services to connect a corporate or organizational network to the Internet. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) typically focus on providing connections, Web and FTP space, e-mail, and additional content to individuals.

As an Internet Presence Provider, we fall between those extremes. Our focus is on putting your company on the Internet, with a private domain name and complete Web (HTTP & HTTPS), FTP, and e-mail servers1; but without the expense of maintaining a private server and full-time connection. We don't have hordes of dial-up users to support. We don't maintain and monitor chat rooms or forums2. We concentrate on providing small companies with the services they need to maintain a presence on the Internet.

We also provide Software Engineering on a contract basis. Our primary focus is on cross-platform and Unix application, graphical user interface, systems administration, and Web service design and programming.

1These are the services that we believe constitute a basic Internet presence. Other services may be availaible on request or by special arangement.

2If you wish to provide a chat room or forum under your virtual domain, we will, of course, handle the technical end of setting it up and keeping the necessary servers running.

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