Strips Updated Approximately Once a Month

These are strips and toons that are updated at approximately once a month.

This first section contains links to monthly 'toons that cannot be rendered in-line.
Comic Press News
A monthly print publication containing approximately 100 cartoons. Several of the toons are available on the Web site.
Featured cartoons from the Internet Cartoons Forum. (Only those with monthly updates are listed here. Others are available under the Weekly pages.)
Big Fun Comics
New pages released the second Tuesday of each month.
The Eddie Peece Stories
A continuing story. New panel plus HTML text released on the third Sunday of every month.
Kev's Cartoons by Kevin Brockschmidt
Wacky explorations in Science Fiction. New cartoons on the first Friday of each month.
The Gifted
A graphic novel in the horror genre by Stephen Rice. Approximately one page each month.
Legal Ethics and Reform Cartoon for the Month
Outta Toon
Playboy Cartoon
A cartoon from the Playboy On-line Web site.
Ricky Rock Rat's Home Page
Single panels aimed at rock climbers.
Sir Roland


This section is for strips that can be easily in-lined.

Art and Toons by Dr. John Capps

Cowpokes by Ace Reid

Visit their site to check out books, calendars, and other Cowpokes related retail items.

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