Stagnant Strips

These are strips and toons that claim to be updated regularly, but which have gone for a long period without change. Or occasionally strips that have been discontinued by the cartoonist, leaving the archive and 'current' installment available. In some cases the 'toon was only a sample of what is available in books or other retail materials. Please visit the sites to see what else they offer.

It is possible that some of these strips may have simply moved without leaving a forwarding URL. If you identify any such cases, please e-mail me the current URL at the address below.

NOTE: I'm not entirely happy with the term 'Stagnant' to indicate 'toons that do not change. It is not intended to be in any way pejoritive. Please feel free to suggest a replacement. It needs to be short enough to fit easily in the Menu column on the Daily and Weekly pages.

The After Life of Bob

No updates since September, 1996. Perhaps he graduated and didn't leave a forwarding address...

Bent Perspectives by Brian Fairrington

Presented by SPECTRUM - The Family Internet Magazine.
No updates since 28 August, 1996.

Bolfar, Hero of the 9th moon by Mark Bussler

Mark is putting most of his resources into his weekly strip (Captain Bucknell); so don't expect frequent updates. There is an archive of about thirty strips.

Bumma Dude

Officially ended late in 1997.
Archives and a pointer to any replacement strip will be found at:

Café Angst

Alas, Café Angst closed on 2 August, 1997.
The main page, final strip, archives, etc. are still available at

CORPORATE City by Shin C. Kao

The last strip appears to have been mid-April, 1996. The main page is at, with links to archives, previous works, etc.

CultuRe Trap

According to their main page, this strip is currently on hiatus. There is no indication of when, or if, it might resume.

Dork Tower by John Kovalic

Was monthly, linked to magazine publication. But John has been busy with other projects, and wants you to have some reason to buy the comics, so only a few are on-line.

See also the Wild Life entry below, and the Beached entry in the Weekly menu.

Doctor Fun ® (original site)

Main page at:
New Dr. Fun cartoons have been suspended indefinitely. See the Web page for details.

Extra Pepperoni

Main page at:
Waiting for the author/artist to find time to draw more strips...

Feet of Clay

This strip is no longer in syndication; but the Universal Press Syndicate & Andrews and McMeel Web site still lists it with their other comics, and retains an archive of published strips.


Main page at:
This strip was daily (Monday through Friday); but now seems to be cycling through the same series of strips.

Frost Byte Main Page at:
It was updating every couple of weeks; but seems to have gone dormant after the Sept 19, 1996 strip.

Generation What?

Main page at:
Theoretically updated every week; but it hasn't changed since I found it.

Gulliver by Mike Tackett Main Page: The last update was mid-April, 1997.
Latest and greatest Gulliver cartoon

Hatbag Productions (Hippie and the Black Guy)

Main page at:
The main page menu lists several 'new' strips; but the strips themselves say that they were produced for the Web in late November, 1995.

Happily Ever After!

Main page at:
For a while, three to five 'daily' strips were appearing every week; but the last update was February 22nd, 1997.

Just N Case

Main page at
Now available in print, so no more Internet version.

Kevin's Cartoons by Kevin Rochowski

These are separate strips; but I've lumped these together because none of them have been updated since late 1995.
Boring the Square

Michael T Desing's Army Ants

Print publication appears to be continuing at a regular pace; but the only Army Ants comics on-line are a few illustrations the occasional sample page. The site also has a few of his Mike - the Disgruntled Retail Associate strips.

Mou's Cartoon

This is from The Daily News On-line, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Was daily.

My Hero

This seems to have transformed into 'Wedlock' (see below).

One Brick Shy - A weekly cartoon strip

This single-panel off-the-wall humor strip has been discontinued. Check the Weekly page for the replacement - Bumma Dude.


No indication of update frequency.

Ozone Patrol

This strip was hosted by Zone Interactive at It appears to have stopped updating around mid June, 1998.

Peanut Butter Galaxy

This story strip was daily for about three weeks from late September through mid October 1996. No indication of why it stopped or if it will be back.

Petshop by David Horton

Presented by SPECTRUM - The Family Internet Magazine.
No updates since 8 July, 1996.

Pizza Bones by Chris Cassatt

Chris has discontinued this strip so that he can work on other projects. Check this page for progress on a new strip.

Polititudes by Tansley

Presented by SPECTRUM - The Family Internet Magazine.
No updates since 8 July, 1996.

Spencer Green

This was Peter Zale's college strip (ca. 1998-1992). He's digitizing them and putting them on-line as an archive. The first strip is at Note that the strips are not in strict chronological order as first published.
Some of the characters later evolved into characters in his current strip Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet; but the two strips are not actually related.

Strange Matter

No longer updating. But see the replacement strip Bacchanalia in the Daily In-Lines page

Strange News

This strip is on extended hiatus.


Main page was at:

Was daily; but seems to have stopped in mid-December, 1996.

Twisted by Rob Murray

Not to be confused with daily strip by the same name by Nathan Lockwood.

The main page at promises a brand-new strip every Tuesday; but the last actual update was around May, 1996.


It was updating weekly, but there have been no new strips for a while.

U.S.S. Utopia

Home Page:
Latest Strip:
During its run, it was updated daily, Monday through Saturday.
I've included a link to the "Today's USS Utopia" page because it isn't obvious how to reach it from the Home Page. (You need to go through the "Comics Du Jour" page.) The "Today's" page indicates that there is an archive; but links to the Home Page. I haven't been able to find an archive link on the Home Page.

Your Weekly Sexy Glass Onion Comic

This single panel strip has not been updated since November 1995.

Vern & Dern

No updates since early 1998.

Wedlock by Steven Kurtz

Theoretically daily, the strip has not been updated since 8 February, 1997.

Wild Life by John Kovalic

Theoretically daily, with updates in weekly batches; but John has been too busy with other projects to update these pages. (See Dork Tower entry above.)

The World of Lily Wong by Larry Feign

This wonderful strip ran in Hong Kong newspapers for thirteen years; and was one of the first and most popular strips to appear on the Web. Alas, it is no more. But the Web site is still there, with a large archive and more info about her demise. And print books are available.

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