Strips Updated at Irregular Intervals

These are strips and toons that are updated at irregular intervals. In some cases they claim to follow a schedule; but emperical evidence suggests otherwise. If regular updates resume, they will be moved to the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly list. If, on the other hand, they go long enough without an update, they will be shifted to the Stagnant list.

It is possible that some of these strips may have simply moved without leaving a forwarding URL. If you identify any such cases, please e-mail me the current URL at the address below.

Absolutely Bizarre Real Estate
The strangest Real Estate that you will never see.
Charley Parker's virtual comic book - ARGON ZARK!
Award-winning on-line comic. New pages seem to be every couple of weeks.
Boat Anchor
When there are updates, they are usually daily; but there are long periods of inactivity.
Cartoons by Gaspirtz
This page contains a link to a page of sample cartoons. No indication of update frequency.
It's Bumpus!
About 30 of the most recent strips. No indication of update frequency.
captain jim - nexus
Each issue is half a dozen pages. New issues seem to be a few weeks apart.
Cooperative Living
There's a link to 'Daily Strips' which takes you sequentially through the existing strips; but no way to skip to the most recent. There are about a dozen strips up, with no indication of update frequency.
Cyber Chicken
El Maestro's Cartoon of the Day
He calls it the 'Cartoon of the day'; but it only seems to change every few weeks.
Gigglebyte Comix
Home of Yakman, Sunland, and Class Comix.
Updates appear to be fairly rare...
Updated at random intervals ranging from daily to nearly a fortnight.
Occasional bursts of activity.
Kampus Kicks by Lionel Milton and Bradley Vinson
Collegiate. Well drawn and wryly humorous. A very welcome change from the be-as-offensive-as-possible approach taken by so many college strips. New multi-panel strip every few weeks.
Kevin's Cartoons by Kevin Spear
Updated approximately once a week.
Koala Coast by Joe Gunsten
Presented by Spectrum - The Family Internet Magazine.
Last updated 9 February, 1997
Lack of Focus
Single panels. No updates so far...
Murphy's Rules
Linked to print publication in the bi-monthly gamer's magazine Pyramid. It currently appears to be a couple of issues behind...
No Escape From Buses
Ever wonder what Reddy Kilowatt would look like if he hadn't stuck his finger in an electrical outlet?
Odyssey the adventures of Jackson Taylor in the thirtieth century.
No indication of update frequency.
Puckermuck Cove
Celtic adventures in eastern Canada. (Sometimes adult themes.)
Poorly Drawn Comics by Tim Kelleher
Tim is a professional comedy writer.
The Pulitzer Prizes
Look under each year for the Editorial Cartoons category.
Rogue's Galaxy Week One
A continuity strip in the style of the classic Buck Rogers, Flash Gorden, etc. The story stops somewhere into the second week, with more installments promised 'soon'. Apparently using the definition of 'soon' that is familiar to anyone awaiting a new hardware or software release...
Say What!? by Elbert Maurice Love
There is a 'Sample Strips' page with no indication of update frequency.
Sarge by Ron W. Lim
Most recent strip is at
Still too early to tell, but this might be updated every couple of weeks.
Sedgemore and the Mutants of Mung
Occasional bursts of activity.
So Much to Say
No indication of update frequency.
< harf="">Strange Matter a.k.a. Bacchanalia
No indication of update frequency.
Generally science-oriented single panel cartoons. The page includes links to the five most recent strips.
Tales from the Dorm Side by James Pharaon
Collegiate; so updates are linked to semesters. The last update appears to have been for Spring '97.
This single panel strip seems to be updated at irregular intervals.
A Treasury of Police Humor
This page contains a link to a cartoons page. No indication of update frequency.
Unreal Estate
Back at a new location and promising regular updates. (If true, this entry will be moved to the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly page.
Wonky Donky
A feature of WEIRD e-zine.
Possibly monthly.
Zero by Scott Selsor.
This strip was weekly from 8 September, 1995 through 15 October, 1996. No indication of whether it will resume.

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